According to T.S.Eliot alcohol is temporary fun with permanent consequences. Alcohol and drugs, nowadays, are becoming a great threat and curse to the precious life of human beings. It is heart-breaking to know that besides most men and some women our prime youth and children are being more and more addicted to poisonous and deadly alcohol and drugs. The growth and prosperity of our great nation will be curtailed or stopped by this destructive monster.

Being the victims of alcohol and drug addicts, by cursing their own birth, the womenfolk in most of our families wished to have a forum to express their mental as well as physical feelings and anguish to fight severely against the cruel monster of alcohol addiction and drug abuse. Usually, the addicted men folk are reluctant to come forward to fight against this terrible evil of alcohol consumption. This awareness made Mgr. Thomas Thaithottam, one of the social reformers of Kerala, announced the formation of Mukthisree on 31 December 2017, during the occasion of the proclamation of Ruby Jubilee of the famous Temperance Movement started in the Diocese of Thalassery by Mar Sebastian Valloppilly who is popularly known as the Moses of Malabar. The first Director of Mukthisree was Mgr. Thomas Thaithottam and the first President was Smty.Margaret Mathew Chamakkalayil.

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