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I have come so that they have life and have it in abundance "(st. John 10:10). The life of millions of people who are our own brothers and sisters, our own kith and kin,are in danger of alcoholism and drug abuse. As christians it is our fundamental duty to save them from the clutches of this terrible addiction. The activities undertaken against alcohol and drug consumption are the modern means of evangelisation. Its a kind of pro-life movement constituted as a comission in 4th December, 1998 by K.C.B.C.with the slogan "alcohol free church and society ".Now this organisation is actively working in all the 33 catholic dioceses in Kerala. We are "to be merciful like our Heavenly Father" is the challenge before us. During this time of intolerance and hatred, war and threats, misery and poverty, division and exclusion, ailment and death, we have a mission to be merciful. Crores of hard earned money of the downtrodden is spent for alcohol and drugs totally ignoring the needy and poor. Its really pathetic and it has to be curdled or stopped. Mar. Sebastian Valloppilly, who is known as the Moses of Malabar, started the famous Temperance movement in the year 1978, prior to the constitution of K. C. B. C madhyavirudhasamidhi in 1998. Monsignor. Thomas Thaithottam who became a synonym of temperance movement, was an ardent fighter against alcohol consumption and drug abuse. The present director of KCBC Madhya VirudhaSamidhi is Rev. Fr. Chacko Kudiparambil who is undertaking versatile and challenging activities to free the people from the evils of alcoholism and drug addiction.Mr. Antony Melvettom is the present president of KCBC Madhya VirudhaSamidhi.


"Alcohol free church and society"

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